Friday, May 9, 2014

'cause i gotta have faith...

So this happened this week.

And that's what I want to talk about.  Because right before that happened, this happened.

Leading up to this last week, I would speculate that there were a lot of eye rolls and puzzled looks thrown in our direction.  Because seriously, who in their right mind and financial bind would commit to a new home without selling the old one?

You all know the song...sing it with me...


It was faith that guided our decisions and the steps that we took in moving forward in the epic called life.  I can't explain it...true faith can't be explained in words really anyway.  It was a gut thing.  It was God thing.  It was a jumping out of the airplane with a brand new parachute thing.

But the parachute opened.

* * * *

We drove by our [now] house long before we put our [other] home on the market.  At that point in time, we weren't serious about selling our home, but somewhere in the darkest corners of our mind we knew that it may be a possibility.  We had decided to tool around town one day to see what was out there...and this house was first on our list.

There was a lot we loved...location, the trees, the yard.  And as we examined it on our phones, we found it had just the right number of bedrooms and as my guy put it, 'a spot for all of his cameras'.

As time progressed and the search for a home became a reality, we began exploring the oldest homes in our area...100+ year-old diamonds in the rough.  The idea of transforming something back to its original grandeur appealed to us...but the cost that came with that was more than we could chew.  Additionally, we discovered that many of the oldest homes lacked something we knew we needed.  Function for our growing, active, creative, bubbly girls.

Our [other] home went on the market March 25th.  We went back to visit our [new] house on March 27th.  With the help, support and encouragement of my parents, an offer was made on March 30th.  It was a done deal that night.

We didn't make the offer hastily, per se.  In fact, after we toured the home on the 27th, I was convinced my guy was out on the deal.  He was aloof and distant during the showing, seemingly pointing out more flaws than perks.  So my eyebrows made a high arc when in the middle of church the following Sunday he leaned over and whispered, "I think we need to put an offer in on that house."

With an open house looming that afternoon, we did want to act quickly for fear someone may swoop in and 'steal' the house from underneath us.  We asked my parents to meet us after church with our realtor.  We walked through the house again and this time, we saw the potential...the potential for home.  And everyone said, "Your house will sell."

And so...we pushed forward.  The offer was made and accepted.  Home was officially on the horizon.

* * * *

I would be lying if I said that I was confident.  I had plenty of doubtful moments.  Plenty of nights that I lay awake wrestling with the decision.  Plenty of new grey hairs.  Plenty of lattes to get me through the day.  Plenty of moments of lost patience.  Plenty of flashes of denial.  My prayer through it all was that faith would creep in and fill the crevices in my mind and heart.

And it did.

And while our [other] home may not have sold when I wanted it to or even for how much I had hoped, it sold when it was supposed to and for how much we needed it to.

We closed on our [now] home on May 2nd.  We sold our [other] house on May 6th.

Faith crept in.

Faith brought us home.

Faith will fill this home.

Go well...go on faith.