Tuesday, April 5, 2016

spring cleaning.

As I step over the threshold of these wires, I realize that quite some time has passed since we last sat down.

So, hello again.
Please excuse the mess.
Pour yourself a cup of coffee.
Find a cushy spot to sit and let's catch up.

It's been 574 day since the last time we sat down. 

At that time, we were on the brink of watching a full season in our new home come to an end.  Since then we have spun through many seasons enjoying piles of leaves, blankets of snow, buds, blooms and endless games of tag under shady trees. 

Some (most) days I look around at the now painted walls, stripped floor and cluttered corners and wonder how we ever managed a home twice this size. 

Recently, my guy and I decided to take a step back and reflect on the nearly two years since we first walked through the door.  In many ways, we are happier.  But recently, we have come to the realization that those cluttered corners are beginning to creep into every aspect of our lives again.

We are cluttered physically.
We are cluttered emotionally.
We are cluttered spiritually.

I suppose at some point in the last 574 days, we lost sight of simplicity in favor of convenience. 
We lost sight of need in favor of want.
We lost sight of quality in favor of quantity. 
We lost our way.

So it's time.
Time to clear the clutter.
Time to do some spring cleaning.
And with that, we decided it was time to blow the cobwebs off these wires and invite you back in.
We are on the brink of simplifying...again.
Have another cup of coffee.

Our story only gets better...